Growing up on the hill, 

    Next to the shore, 

    Grew my roots salted and green, 

    Where I would one day return, 

    With all the wisdom soaked up from the world, 

    And there on the hill by the shore, 

    I would live out the rest of my days; 

    As my great grandmother once said

     “There is no place like home”


Jessica Sheila is currently based in Toronto. She is working predominantly with still life, fashion, and ongoing personal projects. Having just completed a one year photography program in Paris, she is now fending for herself out in the real world of the photo industry.

Curious to observe and understand the world around her, she is often found wandering the streets with a camera hung over her shoulder. 




Tokyo, Japan - TIFA - Gold Award, Advertising / Fashion, December 2016

Tokyo, Japan - TIFA - Silver Award, Advertising, December 2016

Paris, France - PX3 - Honorable Mention - June 2016

Gallery - Group Exhibitions:

Tokyo, Japan - Owada Gallery - February 2017

Paris, France - Speos Gallery - Rue Jules Vallés - May 2016

Arles, France - Rencontres d’Arles - Fotohaus Paris/Berlin - July 2016